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Beauty is everywhere and we are uplifted by being witness. Having an art background and formally trained in fine art photography, I am an extremely visual person (GPS was made for me!) I tend to be intuitive, emotive and at times serious. I love dreams and am honored to be able to capture the dream of having a family! When I'm not behind the camera, I am at museum or pouring over apartment therapy pages. When something is perfectly un-perfect it is unique and pleasantly surprising. My style is natural, sensual and minimalist. Those first few moments are so special. The weight of your baby asleep on your chest, a sneeze, the first time you make your baby laugh... The moments when you are simply enjoying welcoming your new baby into your world are the sweetest and the unforgettable ones.

I customize the type of shoot to meet your family style.  Documentary is the most honest story about life in your family.  It captures you and your family in your element. It is truly what is - laughing, crying, playing and the between moments. These moments are story often telling about the connections between your family members and what the experience actually was like in that time, day, moment.  For newborns, a Fresh 48 session is considered 'documentary style'.  Lifestyle photography is a combination of directed poses and spontaneous reactions. These are usually slightly more composed than documentary but still have that natural element. They are meant to be natural looking but have a more polished look. Composition, lighting, location and some posing are important elements for a lifestyle shoot.  Classic are by nature the most highly composed types of photographs. are meant to be timeless portraits. This is a more traditional approach and for those posed photographs of your newborn you will want to come into the studio.







What to Wear

Your wardrobe can contribute to the kind of images you want to create. Wardrobe, as the style of photography you choose, should reflect who you are - casual, whimsy or sophisticated. Clothing has the power to make us feel and therefore project various moods. Dreamy, campy, pure…wear something that makes you feel beautiful. My advice, either go for it completely with a flowing dress, bare shoulders or a rustic fairy tale look or go simple and beautiful. Either of these two will create a mood. Embrace the moment of creating life!

Mother and daughter outfits are fantastic are a great way to bond before the entrance of the newborn on the scene. The studio will provide a dress of your choice from Sew and Trendy! For more outfit ideas please check out my Pinterest page. Simple selections as well as neural colors like white and cream. They allow the photograph to be about the people in the clothes! Simple white cotton onesie or fabric from pure or organic materials creates a sublime look for babies.



Getting ready


Ah yes, I remember trying to figure out what to wear when I was pregnant.  I wasn’t the best (or model looking) pregnant woman - but if you are more power to you! What I recommend is going all out you might not feel your best but putting the extra effort into having a piece that you feel your best in will yield great photos! As well, spend extra attention getting your hair and make up done if possible. I love coming out of a salon after shampoo and blow dry - I feel like a million bucks! These simple things will set you up to win and have a great session. Please note, the best time to book your Maternity Session is when you have entered your 2nd Trimester. We recommend scheduled sessions at approximately 29-35 weeks pregnant, as your body will be the most comfortable during this time. Regarding style - If you want a playful boudoir session, elegant classic or dreamy outdoors, I am completely in on whatever adventure/vision you have in mind. We come up with a plan together to have your session unfold into images. Classic maternity sessions are usually created in the studio however, when weather allows can also be created outside in amazing landscapes with castles or sunsets in a dreamy beautiful flowing dress.



They are the easiest they wear - nothing! Well, sort of but if I do use wraps, hats or rompers I like to stick with neutrals and early colors - for a minimalist style. I promise even if you have bright colors in your nursery having neutral colors in your newborn photos will create classic timeless images. Later when the nursery has morphed into a kids room and, dare I say, into a teenager room your newborn photos will still be timeless and beautiful. Having said that, If I do branch out with color I tend toward earthy, so if you do have preferences please let me know. Posed newborn sessions take place between the first 6 and 14 days and only in the studio. In-home visits for newborns are considered lifestyle sessions. Please make sure to reserve your slot prior to your due date. (We will adjust the date if need be) For an In-home newborn sessions, I will stop by your home either before or on the day of the shoot and check out lighting.  

*Newborn sessions will receive an additional prep sheet in the days before your session. 




I am pretty easy going easy going. I enjoy getting to know my clients and creating photo sessions that are relaxed and totally about you and your peeps. Sometimes we will come up with a plan - that creates a kind of visual story other times a simple quiet session that is just about being with each other.  Just as I allow the newborn to lead the session I also follow the tempo of my client and families. Sometimes I’ll see a pose or lighting striking a certain way and ask you to hold it for a few seconds or I will physically reposition a hand or turn your head slightly - all part of the fun! My intention in a maternity session is to capture how amazingly beautiful and strong women are bringing life into this world and to honor what a unique and joyous this time is. My approach with newborns is simple and minimalist - their safety is always my number one priority. 



Your Full newborn is $550 (includes $300 print + digital file credit) During a 3-4 hour session, in the studio, your baby will be photographed awake or asleep, however there will be more time to achieve those sleepy poses. Images might include baby swaddled, covered, dressed in a simple onesie, naked, details and being held by parents and or siblings. Simple palates of neutral, cream, black and some textures lend themselves to creating artistic and timeless images. ($475 when booked with a maternity session)

Your Simple Newborn is $450 (includes $250 print + digital file credit) 1-2 hour session In-home or hospital. Lifestyle session are in nature about the bonding of the family with new baby in a more casual atmosphere. Fresh 48 take place during the first 48 hours of your babies life or a 90 min studio session. Poses are likely to include: simple onesie, cover, swaddled and some detailed shots. ($400 when booked with a maternity session)

Maternity, Milestone + Family sessions are $350 (Includes $150 print + digital credit) 60-90 min session on location, studio or In-home. When you book your maternity + newborn together and save! 

Each sessions includes; phone or email consultation, time and talent of the photographer, carefully edited and retouched images, an online viewing gallery and a sneak peak (within 48 hours).


Prior to your session

$100 non-refundable booking fee will hold a date and time on my calendar. Acceptable rescheduling includes: weather (if an outdoor shoot) illness or birthday change. Those babies, aways keeping us on our toes! Since only 5% actually give birth on their due dates, I handle this by adding your due date to my calendar. A designated person will let me know once your baby is born. Then we will adjust the date of your session accordingly. The remaining balance of your session is due on or before the actual day of your session. You will receive a contract and invoice with the details of your session. An email or if you prefer, phone consultation will take place before your session. We will customize session details; wardrobe, location and if you have a special vision or would like to create we can flesh this out.


After your session

Within 48 hours of the session, I will release a sneak peak on my blog and FB. You are welcome to tag yourself and share these images with your friends. It takes time to hand-pick and re-touch all of the images. I hand-pick and edit all of the best images. About two weeks from the time of your session, I will send you a link to your online digital viewing gallery. (At busy times of the year it can take up to three weeks to receive your gallery.)  Once you have received your retouched photos they are ready to order. You will have the opportunity to order prints or digitals a la cart directly through the Frolic Photo Shoot-proof system. However, if you prefer an in person meeting and digital slideshow of your gallery where we can look at albums in person and discuss options for your home or gifts we can make special arrangements. Your gallery will be live for14 days. After that time your online ordering album will be archived. (There will be a $25 charge to activate the ordering album) Contact me directly for ordering albums or collections. I’ve included some collections below and we can tailor packages to meet your needs. 


Session + Digital Bundles


 First Year Bundle

Newborn + 6mth + 12mth milestone sessions

All digital files on a USB

10 X 10 Heirloom Album

Two 4 x 4 Parent album



Transition Bundle

Maternity, newborn, family session

45 digital files (downloadable)

 6 X 9 Heirloom Album

11 x 14 framed photograph



Newborn Bundle

3-4 hour session

All carefully retouched digital files (min of 30)

Hand made black walnut box (with USB)

filled with 5 x 7 gift prints of entire session




A la cart price list for prints, albums + wall art.




Im honored to be able to capture this time in your life. Its truly one of the most life altering and magical moments. More important than any other possession you have in your house are pictures of your loved ones! It is an investment in capturing these memories not only for you but for your immediate family to reflect on, remember together and cherish always. Especially in this time when things often seem rushed, slowing down to look through an album of photos is a way of reconnect and offer perspective on what's really important. A way of remembering that amazing time when you were with baby in belly and then, finally, the arrival of your sweet baby. I think the pictures in our lives have us love a little deeper by appreciating special moments - they are timeless mirrors of what was, what is, and the potential of what can be.