My style is custom photography that captures authentic, emotive moments. I like both earthy colors as well as clean simple and timeless.  Whether you choose documentary, lifestyle, or classic, it is my intention is to reveal the meaningful connections between your family members. Bringing a life into this world is one of the most dramatic things a person can do.  It brings who we are to the fore.  I believe being a parent offers the opportunity to be transformative. I love to capture that drama and joy of your new family unfolding. The photo session is your families quality time together so I try to allow the space to make it a memorable experience in itself.

I customize the type of shoot to meet your family style.  Documentary is the most honest story about life in your family.  It captures you and your family in your element. It is truly what is - laughing, crying, playing and the between moments. These moments are often telling about the connections between your family members. For newborns, I come to to the hospital (or home) within the first 48 hours of the baby's birth. Families having a documentary style is 'A Day in Your Life'. Lifestyle photography is a combination of directed poses.  These are usually more slightly composed than documentary but still have that natural element. Classic are by nature the most highly composed types of photographs and are meant to be timeless portraits. They are slower and each pose is more planned. 


In a lifestyle session I will guide somewhat but will look for those moments that reveal that spark between family members that also look well composed in my frame. (Lifestyle photography can be applied to newborn, maternity or family sessions). Posed sessions are classic in nature. They are composed pictures with thought out outfits, lighting and make up. Maternity and formal family sessions.



This is a more traditional approach and for those posed photographs of your newborn you will want to come into the studio.


Documentary: A day in the life

For newborns Fresh 48 are considered documentary style. For families, A day in the Life of demonstrates what it life is really like naturally without being posed at all.

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