Family Reunion and 90th Bday | New York Family Photographer

This family was so excited to see each other and meet at one Manhattan apt. What a day...of four generations coming together. The Family: complexities and personalities and yet the love shined through. Moments like these remind me of the importance of capturing these extraordinary and rare family events.

Sun drenched photo session in the woods | Family Westchester Photographer

I was literally chasing this toddler during our afternoon sun drenched session. He was so excited about the exploration but I managed to get him interested in how he appeared in the camera (for a min) and grabbed some shots of his adorableness! 

Mommy and Me time | Westchester Family Photographer

This was shot along the east river before I moved to Westchester. LIC is a great place to go and hang. Some really nice playgrounds and a ferry that runs back and forth from Manhattan. I just love the interaction between this mom and her son. They enjoyed every min of being with each other! You can check out some other family sessions here.

Sunset Photo Session | Westchester Family Photographer

If you're willing to stay out till 7pm (or later) you can get some magical photos of your family! Its best to do this early on in the season if you have little ones...In the summer months the sun sets later.. Of course, we can always do a sun rise shoot! Enjoy these pics and check out more photos on my family page and other blog posts of families.

Kiwi (the dog) welcomes baby girl | Westchester newborn photographer

This family was had an unshakable peace and calm. This baby girl is so lucky to have this peaceful house to be born into! They also had an adorable dog kiwi who was eager to keep mom company during breast feeding sessions.

Fun urban family rooftop session | Lifestyle Family Photographer

Twins! We started off this shoot on a rooftop in NYC. They were so playful and interactive and happy! I love seeing how parents take care of twins - I think parents of twins ought to get an extra parenting medal. Imagine your kids having the same needs at almost the same time! They were a delightful family that were all hands on deck!

First birthday as "Dad" was so cozy and fun to photograph | Westchester Documentarty-style Photogrpahy

The stage was set with cake, baby, close family members and new baby! Only having a newborn baby a week earlier I thought this new mom did an amazing job in creating such a sweet birthday for her husband (and new Dad). Such a pleasure to do a more capture this caring family in their element. 

Young couple falls in love with the new babe.

Second part of this shoot involved a trip around Williamsburg, Brooklyn Very fun - we hit a local cafe, the waterfront and a park where they were having a game of soccer. This new family enjoyed our outing and made the most of every minute together celebrating their new baby. I especially love the way new Dad is bursting with happiness!

New Baby Love

There is a wonderful feeling when a new baby arrives on the scene. I can remember what it was like for me. Falling in love with this new little human, antisipation for who your new little one is - baby love. With it comes inspiration, perspective and no matter what is going on around you - embracing the moment.