New Years Declaration and a blank canvas

Everywhere I look there is a reference to New Years declarations... For me, this year I wasn’t inspired by that calling. Instead I'm going to take a different approach to self-proclaimed 'self-care'. I want to create a gentle protective space that is just for me. No rigorous routines or boot camp T90x or week long juice fasts. So whatever, health routine I choose to embrace it will be one that hopefully will resonate in a long lasting 'way of life' such that, next year I won't feel like I need to start all over on a yet another failed self-proclaimed declaration.

So I will simply say a few things that I have been putting off for some time - simple - (don't judge)  Im going to make doctors appointments just for myself. It could be anything but for me this is what I've been putting off for some reason - maybe taking care of others and recently moving and renovating our house this took a back burner. So I declare that taking care of things long put off will set the tone of creating a blank canvas of self care and an abundance of time to do just that in the year 2017!   Here's to good health in the coming new year.

(Ill let you know what other self-caring occurs later this month)- yay me. PS sometimes I need to stand still to go in a new direction.