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Fun urban family rooftop session | Lifestyle Family Photographer

Twins! We started off this shoot on a rooftop in NYC. They were so playful and interactive and happy! I love seeing how parents take care of twins - I think parents of twins ought to get an extra parenting medal. Imagine your kids having the same needs at almost the same time! They were a delightful family that were all hands on deck!

First birthday as "Dad" was so cozy and fun to photograph | Westchester Documentarty-style Photogrpahy

The stage was set with cake, baby, close family members and new baby! Only having a newborn baby a week earlier I thought this new mom did an amazing job in creating such a sweet birthday for her husband (and new Dad). Such a pleasure to do a more capture this caring family in their element. 

What is it about that tree?

What is it about that tree?

Is it because I grew up with it and it seems so familiar? The Christmas tree taps that feeling deep inside my childhood. A signifier of a time when I felt safe, curious and totally taken care of. Even if I sensed that there were struggles in our family, through the lens of that tree things always seemed hopeful and forward looking. 

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Memory of the Universal Girl

Last week, I photographed Miri's birthday and boy did this little girl party.  I brought my Fuji camera, which I love to pieces, but I pushed my delicate new toy to its limit. You see, Miri is fast.  She's athletic and her first priority was to play (not to sit still for my camera!) My Fuji cherishes the peace in the world - it peers out, it observes, and sometimes photographs emerge that are from another dimension, but not without some coaxing. The Fuji exists on its own terms and while that day I missed having my workhorse to fire away and catch all those wide-eyed, excited birthday goers, I was grateful to get this shot; in between "the moments" Miri was transformed into the universal girl - living her dreamiest childhood - being happy.


A Painted Pot outing.

Nothing more fun than going out with another family who you enjoy spending time with. Yesterday we went over to the Painted Pot and spent a some time just painting pots. Its so relaxing and a great way to just be. Plus the light there right in the store front was so beautiful and was a great spot for getting some shots of Alice! I added Alice grabbing her moms hand to the family page. She just seemed so happy to be surrounded by both her parents that it seemed like a family moment.