Bat Mitzvah Celebration Part 11 - The Party | Westchester Event Photographer

This was such a fun event. What a way to become initiated into young adulthood! Dancing, a gorgeous buffet and the mom put together an amazing photo slideshow from her toddler years through her life. I know this young lady felt surrounded by loving friends and family on this day!

Behind the scenes at this Bat Mitzvah, The rehearsal ceremony! Part 1

I love my job when...I get clients that adore each other, embrace family and truly celebrate their daughters' Bat Mitzvah They invited me to the rehearsal ceremony and it was ceremonies as well as just a tad relaxed - so fun. I just can't help but fall in love with this family all over again looking at their pictures!

Furry friend welcomes Newborn Baby Girl | Westchester Newborn Photographer

This furry friend was slightly trepidatious with the entrance of the newborn baby girl. However, with the help of Dad keeping a handle on who's boss he felt right at home :) I so enjoyed this In-home session. I love seeing how families settle into their new home and welcome the new edition.

Fiery blonde two year old girl adores her brother!

I had the pleasure of photographing this little girl when she born about two years ago. It was so much fun to see her all grown up (well, kinda) in her pink tutu. Its a good thing she likes her new baby brother because she is a fire cracker (the kind you want on your side!) We welcomed this little guy by taking photographs in his new home! Enjoy a sneak peek into their album! 

Family Reunion and 90th Bday | New York Family Photographer

This family was so excited to see each other and meet at one Manhattan apt. What a day...of four generations coming together. The Family: complexities and personalities and yet the love shined through. Moments like these remind me of the importance of capturing these extraordinary and rare family events.

Sun drenched photo session in the woods | Family Westchester Photographer

I was literally chasing this toddler during our afternoon sun drenched session. He was so excited about the exploration but I managed to get him interested in how he appeared in the camera (for a min) and grabbed some shots of his adorableness! 

Mommy and Me time | Westchester Family Photographer

This was shot along the east river before I moved to Westchester. LIC is a great place to go and hang. Some really nice playgrounds and a ferry that runs back and forth from Manhattan. I just love the interaction between this mom and her son. They enjoyed every min of being with each other! You can check out some other family sessions here.

Sunset Photo Session | Westchester Family Photographer

If you're willing to stay out till 7pm (or later) you can get some magical photos of your family! Its best to do this early on in the season if you have little ones...In the summer months the sun sets later.. Of course, we can always do a sun rise shoot! Enjoy these pics and check out more photos on my family page and other blog posts of families.

Senior glamour shoot! Part 1 | Senior Photography

This high school senior was ready to graduate and get out into the world. After she was escorted down the stairs in Williamsburg Brooklyn, by her mom, we walked around the grounds of the building. I got a few shots of her both in the shade and sun. Look out for Part ll where we will meet up with some friends outside the location of the dance!