Love Notes

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"Working with Geraldine for my maternity pics was a terrific experience. She was easy to work and coordinate with, we exchanged ideas beforehand so we were on the same page. I wasn't sure about doing these photos but I'm so glad I did. I cherish the pics and had a lot of fun!"



"Geraldine's is a complete professional when it comes to photographing newborns! She handled our daughter with such care and set up a mini studio in our living room with all the necessary props. The results were wonderful and we will have them for a lifetime!"

8 year old girl in frozen blue vale


"Fantastic photos!  We had a great photo session and the final photos are amazing.  I really like the spontaneous shots she got of my daughter when she didn't think she was being photographed.  Turn around time was fast which helped us out a lot too.  Very happy and highly recommend."



"I met with Geraldine to do head shots and other photos for my website. She was incredibly patient and we explored different ideas together. She listened to me, and helped me get the photos I wanted. I love how everything turned out. She not only captured relaxed, fun, and beautiful pictures, she was very quick at turning around her touch ups, edits and sending me the files so I could update my profiles and webstie ASAP. She is a creative photographer that will shoot unique and beautiful photos for you no matter what the purpose. Ive seen photos of events, birthday parties, family photos, kids portraits, and more great stuff Geraldine has done."

8 year old girl with birthday cake


"Geraldine shot my daughter's 8th birthday party. We talked about a few things prior to the party, she asked questions to understand what the most important things for me. After she knew what I was looking for she basically run with it and completed the job with excellence. She showed up on time, captured amazing moments without us noticing her being there and delivered great variety of selects in a week time.She is super disciplined about what she does. Reliable and talented at the same time. I highly recommend her as she is also affordable."

9 year old birthday party at American Girl


"Geraldine has a gift for capturing the unique and ever-fleeting moments that highlight the subject's personality and their very quintessence. She is very comfortable and easy-going with children, which puts them at ease and allows them to be themselves, while also encouraging them to express their whimsical side.Geraldine's sense of portraiture aesthetics and her expertise in catching fine nuances of facial expression is an uncommon and rare gift that always continues to surprise. Geraldine's photo session with our children was very professional and productive, resulting in images that we will always treasure as some of our very best family photos."