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Growing up in NYC in a family of artists comes with its own unique challenges. It was usually eventful and often about discovering and exploring ideas, using techniques and just being in the world around us together.  In my life I have experienced deep heartache and also great love. I wish I had more photographs from my childhood that documented, the everyday and the joy.

I began my formal artistic education at Parsons and then specialized in Fine Art Photography at Bard College. In the Hudson Valley my eyes were opened to a world of nature, thinkers and true friends. I loved it there it made me feel honored to be an artist and allowed me to explore my instincts as a visual artist. I felt at home.

I returned to NYC and worked for a fine art gallery specializing in photography.  I had some lows and high notes during this phase of my life. I've lived some crazy adventures and one of them would lead me to turning point.  A trip to Mexico changed the course for me. I began learning to dive in the caves of the Yucatan peninsula. It awakened me to the wonders and magic and sites of the world. I was completely inspired and awed. I wanted to make books and films about underwater caves. I never did make that book but instead - I would meet my future husband and together would start a not-for-profit for teens. It was an adventure driven program (scuba) called DIG. a.k.a Dreams In Growth. 

I would eventually get pregnant with our first child.  When my family began unfolding before my eyes I wanted to capture and remember these sweetest memories of and for my own children. This finally lead me back to the visual image. I upgraded my rig for digital equipment. (Yes, I began photography in the days when we still had film!) Perhaps I take create extra pictures now to fill in those gaps of photographs I wish I had had in my own childhood. It gives me pleasure knowing that I am helping to preserve the most important people and perhaps elusive times in our lives through these photographic memories. I would be honored to capture your unfolding and unforgettable moments.

My Style is authentic, sensual and joyful. At times I can be serious and concentrated and I will pose you but in between these posed shots I am looking for your natural interaction with each other and I will be photographing these authentic real moments. During a shoot, I may come up with a simple activity to initiate interaction. 

Geraldine Bien


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